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Since completing my BA honours degree in Fine Art I have
spent many years as an art teacher. This has been a
wonderful experience, but the creativity involved in planning and then helping students to create their art left little time to pursue my own work.

I decided to leave full time teaching to become an Artist Educator in order to have time to spend on developing my own artistic practice. I now have a studio in Vernon Mill, Stockport, where I spend my time producing work in acrylics, supported by a wide community of other artists. I have enjoyed the "Open Studio" events held each year, along with exhibiting in pop-up galleries and Stockport Art Gallery group exhibitions. I have work in private collections in France and the UK.

My work is very much inspired by my visits to places abroad and in the UK. I love to collect artefacts and textiles and to visit the buildings and landscapes which make the area special. Back in my studio I develop paintings from this stimulus, producing a number of canvases which are individual but which fit together as a group. Highly-colourful Spanish pottery led me to add borders around my paintings and I am beginning to add separate border paintings to my groups of work. I am fascinated by colour, arrangements of shapes, rhythms and patterns, and my work is dominated by these considerations, with scale and proportion being of lesser importance.

I love to visit art galleries on a regular basis and find myself drawn to the work of Matisse, Chagall, Gillian Ayres and Joe Tilson along with artists who worked at Drumcoon Education Art Centre in Wigan and at my school, including Charlie Holt, Ian Murphy, Judith Railton and Nikki Parmenter.

I am happy to discuss requirements for individual commissions and exhibitions

Pauline in her studio at Vernon Mill, Stockport
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